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Benetti’s Now FAST Line Redefines Sailing Pleasure

By Victor Baker


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Benetti Now FAST

The 2017 edition of the Yachts Miami Beach Show saw Benetti introduce the evolution of its Now line of pre-developed and designed superyachts. A new beautiful FAST extension has been added to the range, with these models set to come in three different variants – 50-meters, 56-meters, and 68-meters long vessels.

The renowned Italian shipyard got an imaginative team of designers to work together in order to make these projects happen. Omega Architects handled the exterior design, Mulder Design was in charge of the naval architecture, while Team 4 Design – Enrico Gobbi made sure the interiors are just as impressive as the sleek exteriors.

Benetti Now FAST

Benetti’s Now FAST line promises comfort, performance, and speed, with potential customers being able to enjoy a highly customizable vessel in terms of interior layout, decorative touches, and even performance. The overall style of the interiors will be focused on an enjoyable blend of practicality and luxury, meant to offer a unique sailing experience.

Mulder Design’s ultra-efficient hull shape will supposedly deliver improved performance by up to 30%, allowing the owners and their privileged guests to benefit from higher cruising speeds, better fuel efficiency and a comfortable trip overall. There’s no word on pricing available yet, but these yachts will surely cost more than your average fishing boat.

Benetti Now FAST

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