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At.mosphere is the world’s highest restaurant!

At.mosphere Restaurant 1

The world’s highest restaurant, At.mosphere, was opened over the weekend in the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s 828-metre Burj Khalifa on the 122nd floor. The restaurant will offer one of the finest luxury dining and lounge experiences in the world and it spans 1,030 sq meters.

It’s located 92 m higher than the world’s second highest restaurant located in Toronto’s CN Tower and it can host over 210 guests at two levels below the tower’s observation deck. At.mosphere has a spacious arrival lobby, a main dining floor, private dining rooms and it even displays cooking stations.  After guests are done eating, they could go to the tower’s observation deck located on the 124th floor to enjoy the delightful view for just $27 dollars.

Those wanting to book the luxury private dining area are expected to spend at least $177 per guest while the afternoon tea costs around $100. To enjoy a couple of snacks and drinks in the dining area, guests are going to spend around $55 each.

From the first days of opening, At.mosphere has been fully booked and it will probably continue to be this popular in the future as well.



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