Airbus`s $8.5 Million EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style Helicopter

Airbus has introduced its special edition EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style twin-engine turbine helicopter in 2010 and has since then delivered just five of them around the world. The aircraft has only recently made its first U.S. appearance at this month’s Heli-Expo, in California.

The helicopter features a stylish interior created by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Division in Como, Italy. It boasts fine leather and wood details, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, subtle ambient lighting, and a choice of modular storage cabinets. The seats are mounted on tracks, which means they can be reconfigured to suit the needs of up to six passengers, whether it’s executive transport or a family vacation.

The aircraft’s elegant exterior also showcases the design team’s skill, with the distinctive front end, custom shrouding for the energy-absorbing skid-type landing gear, as well as an eye-catching paint scheme. Equally impressive is the cockpit design, with the advanced auto-pilot system and avionics making sure the flight crew are always focused and informed for a safe, smooth flight.

The starting price for the EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style helicopter is set at about $8.5 million.

[Robb Report]