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Admiral and IYC Yachts Present the Vetta 40 Superyacht

By Victor Baker


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Vetta 40 Superyacht

Italian Sea Group Admiral Yachts has recently joined forces with IYC Yachts to offer their clients a new incredible sailing experience. Designed to be delivered in just under two years, the new Vetta 40 superyacht is a gorgeous all-aluminium vessel with an impressive build time of just 22 months.

Showing off a sleek superstructure, large and exposed exterior areas, as well as generous and beautifully decorated interiors, the new Vetta 40 seems to be the ideal family yacht. Of course, the potential customers of this beauty are more than welcomed to customize the design of this yacht according to their own imagination and needs, so if you’re really interested in getting one, you could always contribute to the whole picture.

Vetta 40 Superyacht

With an expansive sundeck that can be completed with an outdoor cinema, bar, and Jacuzzi, this stunning vessel is impressive, to say the least – or, it can be. Vetta 40 is expected to feature a social beach club area and maybe the best thing is that the engine room and technical areas have been extremely well planned, and will allow this superyacht to run maintenance-free for many years to come.

Built according to LY3 regulations, the new Vetta 40 superyacht will be priced at just €15,900,000, which seems like a total bargain for what you’re going to get. We’re sure you can find the features and a tasteful decor to complement the exterior and layout of this incredible vessel.

Vetta 40 Superyacht

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