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A Stunning Example Of Geometry: The Jruiter Tinnie Vessel

Jruiter Tinnie

Looking like a perfect isoceles triangle, the Jruiter Tinnie 10 side-by-side vessel is a gorgeous symmetric boat, imagined by Joey Ruiter, the same designer who tried to reinvent the form of the snowmobile just a couple of months ago, and also re-imagined the traditional buggy.

Built from thick, lightweight, powder-coated aluminum, this interesting vessel weighs in at just 173 lbs (79 kg), featuring natural white oak plank flooring that adds even more style to an already innovative design. The Tinnie could be powered by a 6 hp 4-stroke engine or an electric motor, and it also comes with Xorel upholstered seating, providing comfort for up to two adults who love to spend some time off the grid.

Jruiter Tinnie

Jruiter’s vision was to create an entirely new class of racing, which might sound a little odd, but a low power race might be just as interesting. Based upon the shape of an isosceles triangle, with perfect symmetry, the Tinnie benefits from a simple yet sophisticated design, which comes with strength, elegance and the potential of grabbing everyone’s attention.

Obviously, this project won’t go away unnoticed, and we hope Joey Ruiter will take this vessel into production. We’d sure love to take it out for a spin around the lake, but in the meantime, feel free to enjoy the gallery below.

Jruiter Tinnie


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