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A Fortified Sicilian Manor Could be Yours for €10 Milion

By Victor Baker


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Baglio San Vincenzo is an incredible fortified estate located in the charming Sicilian village of Menfi, surrounded by 47,27 hectares of land and various archaeological sites, such as the Greek temples of Selinunte and Agrigento, or Eraclea and Segeste, just to name a few of the beautiful sights nearby.

The stunning manor has been completely renovated a couple of years ago, with 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms on offer, covering an astonishing living area of 4,400 square meters or 47,361 sq. ft. The property also includes over 950 square meters of loggias and even a private chapel, so we’re sure Baglio San Vincenzo is going to attract quite a crowd naturally.

With rolling hills covered in olive groves and wine yards and the sea nearby, this company will allow its next owners to savor life at its fullest, if they can afford to pay the right price to own it all.

Menfi, Italy is famous for its spectacular sunsets, while the air here entices anyone with the very special and wonderful aromas of the area. The best place to enjoy it all is definitely from Baglio San Vincenzo, a place that also shows off spacious entertaining areas, wonderfully decorated interiors, plus a gorgeous swimming pool equipped with a bar and an outdoor kitchen.

Some might look at this lavish estate as a sound investment, and transform it into a boutique hotel; however, if you have €10,000,000 to buy this piece of Italian magnificence, then you might as well feel a bit selfish and keep the whole thing for yourselves.  Does that sound like a bad thing or it’s simply a good way of living?


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