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A Flying Luxury Residence: DesignQ’s Avro Business Jet Elegante

By Victor Baker


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Avro Business Jet

The brilliant team at DesignQ, an automotive and aviation design studio from the UK, has accepted the challenge handed to them by BAE Systems to create an irresistible luxury interior concepts for a regional business jet – that sounds like an awesome challenge, right?

One of these proposals, called Elegante, is what the British company describes as ;comfortable luxury’, but we’d simply call it ‘exceptional’. Rich materials and fluid shapes all blended together, backed up by advanced technologies, to form a graceful and possibly overwhelming environment.

Avro Business Jet

The fluid and spacious layout includes a large galley up front, a wonderful lounge, as well as an inviting dining area mid-cabin. The latter will allow up to eight guests to enjoy delicious dishes in complete comfort. Meanwhile at the rear, a private lounge with expansive couches and bookshelves will get you in the proper mood, although a smooth drink will make your day even better too.

This is where a bedroom with a roomy shower and a luxurious dressing room en-suite will make a solid impression, as the four-engine Avro Business Jet flies towards your destination at speeds up to 500 mph, for trips up to 1,470 miles. The roomy stand-up cabin stretches 58 feet, and it originally providing seats for up to 100 airline travelers, but it sure looks a lot better right now.

DesignQ’s director Howard Guy has also put a price on such an exclusive interior – $6 million – but if you already own a private jet, $6 million won’t seem like a lot.

Avro Business Jet

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