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$42,000 Hot tub boat comes with a waterproof stereo system

By Adrian Prisca


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An interesting addition to our website, this Hot Tub boat is a superb way to enjoy a cool bath while being surrounded by endless waters and enjoying a cool song with a cold cocktail in your hand. This nice contraption was designed and built in Seattle by a marine carpenter specialized in custom house boats.

In fact, what we have here is an electric boat boasting an 8-foot long hot tub within its deck, positioned symmetrically around the boat’s center of buoyancy. The boat, measuring 16 feet from tip to toe, is able to accommodate as many as 6 adult participants, being also equipped with a waterproof stereo system, a teak swimstep and four ice chests mounted into the desk.

It gets propulsion from a 24-volt electric motor which manages to move it forward with a maximum speed of 5 mph on calm water. The steering is ensured by a joystick.

The boat drafts a meager 20-inches, even if it is at its full load, with 6 adults in the tub, and filled with 2,100 lbs of water. The temperature of the water in the hot tub is kept constant by a diesel-powered boiler with thermostat, able to heat it to as much as 104 degrees F or 40 degrees C.

In addition, concerning passenger comfort, the waterproof speaker system features flush-mounted 5-Watt speakers which pop up from the deck. Also worth mentioning is the boat’s rechargeable battery and the on-board chargers, which can provide power for as many as 10 hours and can be easily recharged overnight via the built-in Smart Plug shore power connection.

If you’re interested, be ready to put aside $42,000 – this is the actual price of the Hot Tub Boat.


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