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10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager from Moog Music

By Adrian Prisca


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The Minimoog used to be one of the most wanted ‘things’ during the 70s – yet this particular model is pretty hard to be classified. In fact, it represents two totally different motifs put together – art and technology. The ancient Minimoog monophonic analog synthesizer has just been transformed into the limited edition 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager, a a thing of beauty recently unveiled by Moog Music.

Embellished with the finest of materials and covered in 24 carat gold, the black piano lacquer that covers this piece gorgeously assorts to the Japanese Awabi pearl adornment on its side. Some of the most striking features of the 24 carat gold Minimoog are the glimmering logo with indigo illumination, the engraved gold plate, a hand bound manual and the superb translucent knobs.

In addition, the folk at Moog Music have also created a short video presenting the birth of this magnificent product. Sadly, just 5 of these superb units will be available for purchase in the US, while the rest of 25 pieces will be spread all across the Globe. Each gadget will draw you back a respectable $15,000.


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