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10 Habits of the World’s Richest People

Rich People Habits

The rich have always been in the spotlights for good and bad reasons alike. There are always discussions going on about them. Because they’re there, up there where some of the rest of us would want to be one day.

But let’s face it. When it comes down to what we do every day, to our daily habits, do we do the same things that the richest people in the world do? There are a lot of people out there trying to get rich, quick if possible, but there’s a lot more to making money than meets the eye. Making money is a lifestyle. And that lifestyle might not be that easy to keep.

Of course there are no guidelines to that, no manuals, but there are some habits, observed over and over again at most of the rich people, that might tell a little bit more on how to get where they are.

We’re sure that there’s a lot more hiding in their private lives, struggles or routines that nobody knows about, and that these habits alone won’t make you rich, but it’s a start.

Now let’s take a look at 10 Habits of the World’s Richest People:

1. They don’t lose (too much)

calculated risks

The first and most important thing rich people do is learn how not to be stupid. How not to do stupid things and lose all their money in the process.

They learn what not to do to keep their businesses in the game, without ruining everything. They do take risks – and love doing that –  but they’re limited, calculated risks. They still break some eggs now and then, but not all of them at once. Therefore they limit their losses but still keep themselves in the game and open to opportunities.

2. They look for value

look for value

The rich focus on value. Everything that brings value to their lives is welcome. They consume a lot less information that doesn’t enrich their lives too much or brings no value at all – so no, no reality TV shows for them.

This one is somewhat related to the first habit – they don’t watch or read something that doesn’t bring them value, therefore they don’t waste their time with such things. That value we’re talking about isn’t only money. It can be knowledge about one subject or another. Or it can be something that relaxes their mind.

3. They relax often

relax often

In relation to the first habit, you could say that they learn how not to go insane while trying to get rich. Relaxing and having a clear mind helps them with all those decisions they have to take during their more often than not busy days, so it’s an important habit.

Some meditate or keep a journal to clear their minds, others sit by themselves for 15 to 30 minutes and think about their lives, setting aside the limiting beliefs they might have. Some might take a walk and contemplate life itself. Whatever their method, they know that a relaxed mind takes better decisions and operates better overall.

So they always have a ritual, their go-to moments of the day – their zen place – the one that gives them energy and recharges their batteries.

4. They spend less than they earn

spend less than they earn

While this might seem easy to do, the truth is that for most people out there it’s a hard thing to achieve, especially when they start earning more and more.

There are two types of rich people in the world. The first type, the ones with a poor mentality, they start earning more money and then they spend all of them on that fancy looking shiny new car. Because they can. And then they need more, so they get caught in a never ending vicious circle.

The other category, the rich people with a rich mentality, when they start earning more, they still keep the same spending habits as if they had the same old revenues. So when their income increases, their spending stays the same and their net worth increases.

Now guess who’s the winner here.

5. They have multiple streams of income

multiple streams of income

Another important habit that rich people have is to make sure they always have multiple sources of income. That’s not just having a plan B, but also a C and a D and sometimes even more.

Having only one job or source of income is risky business. What if suddenly, as some things happen here on this little blue planet of ours, you don’t have that income anymore? Savings might help, but only for a little while. If you have any, that is. So that’s why having more than one source of income is a wise choice. Remember those eggs that brake now and then? Put them in several different baskets and make sure you’ve got more than one chicken around that makes them.

6. They keep themselves healthy

keep themselves healthy

This one should be obvious. Health should be our primary care. It’s a lot better – and cheaper – to wake up early and run for 30 minutes every few days, rather than visit a medic when problems arise. Or at least paying regular visits to that medic. Just to make sure.

Now put that double cheeseburger away for a minute and think about it. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which further leads to healthy habits. And those healthy habits have the power to build a good healthy business. Only then, that healthy business leads you to have a nice hearty income. Keep that in mind.

Now take back that double cheeseburger. Or maybe not?

7. They keep themselves educated

keep themselves educated

Rich people learn. All the time. They learn from books and audio-books, from other like-minded people and they even have mentors. They set aside time every day to learn and grow. Think about learning as exercise for the brain.

They’re good listeners and they surround themselves with other people who provide them with value. They look for feedback and face criticism. Good or bad, they don’t run away but take criticism and transform it into lessons. That’s a crucial skill for learning and growth.

8. They go against the flow

go against the flow

Going against the flow might be seen as something bad, but it’s not. At least not all the time. Rich people do that. They don’t follow herds and trends, they create them. They change the game and deliver the different. Different products that meet newly arisen needs in a shifting world.

For that, they have to be persistent, because going against the stream isn’t easy. But the rewards are far greater. A different perspective might just reveal that new idea you always wanted to have or simply a different, original way of seeing and doing things.

9. They focus on one thing at a time

focus on one thing

Let’s face it. Multitasking is bullshit. Our brain wasn’t made for that. And rich people know that. They know exactly where they want to go and what they need to do to get there.

That’s why they set clear and attainable goals and then focus on one step at a time. That’s how they achieve things. They do each step when its time comes. And they don’t stop and switch tasks because it’s hard and they might feel the need to check their facebook or twitter feed, but finish what they set out to do and then move on to something else.

10. They help others succeed

help others succeed

This is another crucial element of success. If you want to grow, help others grow, and that will bring more ROI than any individualistic endeavor you can think of.

Rich people are philanthropic. They’re very generous and they’re not afraid of losing money, of giving them away, because they know that they need to keep the money flowing in order to get more. They know that if their team or community rises, they rise.


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