'Sang Bleu' Proves Hublot's Dedication To Precise Geometry

‘Sang Bleu’ Proves Hublot’s Dedication To Precise Geometry

Sang Bleu

This cool new timepiece from Hublot is called the Big Bang “Sang Bleu” and it’s actually the result of a unique collaboration between the renowned Swiss watchmaker and Maxime Büchi, a big name in the tattoo world, who even got to ink celebrities like Kanye West, at his shop in London. Does anyone want to guess the name of his shop?

Yes, it is Sang Bleu, and it has inspired various new design elements in this breathtaking Big Bang watch. Please note the beveled lines and stunning geometric patterns, as well as the beautiful overall design of the bezel. The matte black dial shows off a wide & sloping circularK flange and a black satin-finish that will surely be a great conversation starter.

Sang Bleu

How do you tell time on this extraordinary Hublot piece? Well, three rhodium- plated octagonal-shaped discs were superimposed to create a mesmerizing effect. The largest disc indicates the hours, while the small one marks the minutes, with the tips of the hours and minutes octagons coming in white Superluminova, to make your life easier.

Time will surely fly by you as you stare into the ‘eyes’ of this dark geometrical timepiece – which we have no idea how much it costs. But, does it really matter? All we know is that Hublot will produce it in a very, very limited run of just 200 units, and we dream of having one more than you can imagine.

Sang Bleu