MUB Design's Newest Superyacht: the Superb Moea Concept

MUB Design’s Newest Superyacht: the Superb Moea Concept

Moea Concept

Imagined by the acclaimed French designer Mahjoub El Mahmoudi, Moea is the latest concept to come out of the MUB Design Studio. This gorgeous 85-meter superyacht was specially designed to show off a classic sense of French elegance and style, combined with a striking exterior look and a perfect balance between aggressive lines and smooth curves.

Reminiscent of a torpedo flying through the water on its way to the target, the Moea concept looks fast even when it’s standing still, and features a sleek overall vibe – the aluminum superstructure was optimized just for that.

Moea Concept

Obviously, such an interesting project would boast a wide array of luxurious amenities and cool features, and we definitely have to mention the fully equipped gym and spa, as well as the large aquarium, a massive swimming pool and a beach club, Jacuzzi, a nightclub and even a small submarine. That sounds like the perfect recipe for a bit of fun, right?

Up to 30 guests may enjoy this vessel’s exclusivity and the trip of a lifetime, while two CAT 3516C engines will be providing the necessary ‘go power’ to help this superb superyacht reach a top speed of 20 knots and cruise at around 17 knots.

Moea Concept

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    love the light fixtures in the top image!