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Benetti’s Now FAST Line Redefines Sailing Pleasure

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 22 Feb 2017

The 2017 edition of the Yachts Miami Beach Show saw Benetti introduce the evolution of its Now line of pre-developed and designed superyachts. A new beautiful FAST extension has been added to the range, with these models set to come in three different variants – 50-meters, 56-meters, and 68-meters long vessels. The renowned Italian shipyard got an imaginative team of designersFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Riva 100′ Corsaro Will Make Waves In Hong Kong

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 20 Feb 2017

The famed Italian shipyard Riva Yacht has just unveiled its newest project, a stunning vessel called Riva 100′ Corsaro, a few weeks ahead of its official debut at the Hong Kong International Boat Show. Set to make big waves this April, this new flybridge yacht was captured sailing on the Ligurian Sea, specifically in the Golfo dei Poeti, where we could get aFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Quintessentially One Goes For The Top Of The Charts

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 18 Feb 2017

Quintessentially One is a brand new cruise ship concept, set to be one of the most exclusive and luxurious vessels on the high seas, once it’s completed. Just in case you were not aware of this, members of Quintessentially pay at least $18,700 a year, to benefit from exclusive concierge service and members-only perks benefits, but from 2019, when this marvelous cruiseFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The 3800 Lounge by Couach Yachts Knows No Boundaries

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 14 Feb 2017

French shipyard Couach Yachts has made our day a bit more enjoyable – or difficult, we’re not sure yet. Their latest concept teases our sailing and luxury muscles to the maximum, with this gorgeous 38-meter explorer yacht looking all kinds of incredible inside-out. Called 3800 Lounge, this concept yacht shows off qualities such as reliability and stability, for which Couach’s military vessel pedigree isFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The ERA 80 Concept Will Rule The Seas Of The Future

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 10 Feb 2017

Australian designer Ricky Smith has teamed up with Stuart Friezer Naval Architects to imagine this bold and futuristic superyacht concept. Called ERA 80, this innovative vessel shows off a unique shape and a high-performance hull developed together with the acclaimed Danish naval architecture firm. Efficiency is the key element for this project, that’s set to be built entirely out of aluminum.FULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Cigarette Racing Plans to Drop our Jaws with the Marauder SS

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 9 Feb 2017

Striving to achieve perfection, or simply reach the highest speed at sea, Cigarette Racing’s newest speedboat is here to make some noise. The magnificent vessel before you is called Marauder SS, and it shows off a sleek profile – what else would you expect for such a racing beast? Powered by the latest Mercury Racing dual-turbo powerplants, developing an astonishing 1,350 hp, this thingFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

The E98 “Do It Now” is the Latest Beauty from Horizon Yachts

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 8 Feb 2017

Built for an American customer who has previously owned a Horizon 76 motor yacht, the new E98 “Do It Now” shows off sleek exterior lines which remind us a little bit of the Horizon E88 yacht. The acclaimed shipyard has imagined a super efficient high performance hull for this yacht, designed for stability and seakeeping, and fully capable of exploringFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Zero Sail Concept Brings New Value To Catamarans Everywhere

Jets & Yachts

By Victor B on 6 Feb 2017

Zero Sail is a unique 18-meter concept of a sailing catamaran that allows 10 people to spend up to 3 weeks on the open sea. Using new technologies and a unique construction, this concept offers a highly sportive user experience while still being sustainable throughout its whole lifecycle. A charter yacht in its nature, this conceptual vessel could offer the sameFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →