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Top 20 Cities for a Perfect Romantic Vacation

By Brody Patterson


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Whether steeped in history, or remote and exotic, some places, with their sights, their sounds and the air about them, just have an aphrodisiac-like effect on travelers. We’ve put together a list of the most remarkable, starting with:

20. Lisbon

Set on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest and warmest cities. It’s the perfect place for those who like to gaze into the distance from above. Belém Tower, for instance, has seen some of the first ships that sailed for the New World disappear over the horizon, while Santa Justa Elevator offers amazing panoramic views of the city itself.

19. Budapest

Stretching along the majestic Danube, Budapest is one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Europe. During the day, you can visit its many museums and amazing historical landmarks, while in the evening there’s nothing better than the views of the city and the river from the old Citadel.

18. Prague

There’s something about these cities with their medieval architecture that makes them really romantic. It’s probably the idea that, just as the building seem be eternal, so too can love last forever. If that’s the case, Prague with its amazing old city center, will provide plenty of inspiration.

17. Marrakech

Warm, welcoming and exotic, the Moroccan city of Marrakech is the perfect destination for those who seek something out of the ordinary. Featuring numerous gardens, palaces and exquisite museums, as well as one of the most famous squares in Africa, Jamaa el Fnaa, a visit here could easily turn into something worthy of the 1001 Nights.

16. Aspen

Aspen is proof that it doesn’t have to be sunny and hot outside to ignite a bit of romance. The high-end ski resort also offers amazing scenery as well as a wide range of luxury boutiques to go shopping in. At the end of the day, keep warm with a nice hot drink and your significant other nearby.

15. Harbin

One of China’s less known attractions, Harbin is nevertheless the country’s most important northern city. Known for its unique cuisine, a delightful combination of Chinese, European and Russian influences, it really becomes a fairytale setting every January, during the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

14. Florence

Another one of those Italian cities where you could just look around for a bit, take everything in, then close your eyes and imagine you’re in the age of Michelangelo. Florence is a place where you can really forget about everything, except what truly matters – that special someone at your side.

13. Udaipur

Udaipur is charming in a way that only Indian cities can be. It has amazing temples, majestic palaces and a series of beautiful lakes that have earned it the nickname Venice of the East.

12. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is a great place to visit with that special someone, notable for its rich history and unique culture, a mix of Southern U.S., French and West African influences.  Widely regarded as one of America’s most friendly cities, with its warm climate and mannerly people, all you’ll have to worry about is having a good time.

11. Buenos Aires

Nicknamed The Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is an eclectic mix of European class and Argentinean passion. Speaking of passion, it’s also the birthplace of the tango, so there’s no better place to just take your partner and dance.

10. Rome

Thousands of years of glorious history have made Rome an amazing setting for the pursuit of everything from power to romance. Great passions can be kindled here – a princess can even fall in love with a commoner, like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

9. New York City

Widely regarded as the greatest city in the world, New York has everything, from the amazing Manhattan skyline to the legendary Brooklyn Bridge. Whether you want to wander around Central Park or enjoy the nightlife in the City That Never Sleeps, New York is the perfect experience to share with someone close to your heart.

8. Heidelberg

Once the center of the German Romantic literary movement, Heidelberg is now a great romantic destination, well worth a visit together with the one you love. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of the Old Town from Heidelberg Castle or stroll hand in hand along the scenic Philosophers’ Walk.

7. Kyoto

Kyoto was Imperial Japan’s capital for more than a millennium and signs of its glorious past still abound. During World War II, US Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson personally saw that the city, which he remembered from his honeymoon, remained as unharmed as possible. Nowadays, there’s nothing more romantic than a wander along the Philosopher’s Walk, especially during hanami (or flower viewing season).

6. Vienna

After centuries of being an imperial capital, Vienna still has a certain unique elegance about it. A cultural city first and foremost, it has always welcomed great musicians (most notably Beethoven and Mozart) and even today hold a multitude of elegant balls, making it the perfect place for travelers with sophisticated tastes.

5. Bruges

Bruges used to be one of the world’s most important commercial centers and still has most of its architecture from that time – a reminder of the city’s status – intact. Walking though its streets, taking in the sights is like a trip back in time. Not only that, Bruges also has its very own canals bringing a little bit of Venetian charm to the North.

4. Barcelona

A perfect blend of old and new, Barcelona is one of those places that seemingly have it all. It boasts beautiful historical and modern architecture, extensive parks and even some of the best beaches you will find in all of Europe. The Catalan capital has a bit of something for everyone.

3. Verona

Another city whose appeal comes from its ancient architecture, with some of its buildings dating back to Ancient Rome, but Verona is an important spot on the world map of romance for a different reason. It was the setting for the most famous love story of all, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and the magic of the star-crossed lovers` tale is still there, in every street and in every balcony.

2. Venice

The city in the lagoon is every bit as charming as any other old Italian city. Its exquisite architecture is a testament to its glorious past, but the feature that distinguishes Venice from any other place in the world is its waterways. There’s nothing more romantic than a gondola ride through the city’s ancient streets. There’s also the famous Carnival, for those who enjoy a bit of mystery.

1. Paris

OK, we know you’ve probably seen this from a mile away, but Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Whether it’s the wine, the lights, or the walks along the meandering Seine, there’s something about this place that just makes you fall in love.

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