This McLaren F1 By MSO Is A Mesmerizing Unicorn

Even though it’s been more than 20 years since the McLaren F1 took the world by storm with its incredible looks and heart-stopping performances, this iconic vehicle could still be considered one of the best supercars of our days as well.

You can only imagine that to see a specimen of this breathtaking ride in nearly mint condition is a rare, if not impossible treat, but here are Luxatic, we like to surprise you with one of a kind opportunities. The dark McLaren F1 you see right here is actually up for grabs, with the brand’s Special Operations Heritage Division bragging about the fact it’s in ‘factory condition’.

This particular vehicle is McLaren’s #69 D1 chassis, featuring everything that was originally included, such as a Facom toolkit and even the owner’s watch.

Details about this stunning supercar are somewhat vague, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume the standard 6.1L V12 engine, that was good for around 618 hp and 477 pounds of torque, is still what’s hiding under the sleek exterior.

The engine is probably connected to a 6 speed transmission, while the carbon-fiber interior of the car comes with two passenger seats decked out in a super comfortable Alcantra leather. No price-tag to talk about, just yet, but you can safely assume it will break some records – not to mention one lucky guy’s bank account. I’m in for this!