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The Undersea Aquahoverer Will Make You An Explorer

Undersea Aquahoverer

Hammacher Schlemmer has just introduced a revolutionary way of underwater travel and exploration, in the form of this extraordinary Undersea Aquahoverer. Described to be one of the most user-friendly personal submarines in the world, this incredible thing can hover without the need for adjusting ballast.

The submersible’s fixed positive buoyancy was approached by using six 400-rpm, 1.2-kilowatt ducted propellers, which provide easy omnidirectional movement to this underwater marvel. This means the pilot can use it to admire close-hand reefs, wrecks, and exotic underwater species, without risking any personal injury or damage to the device.

Undersea Aquahoverer

Looking futuristic and streamlined, this beautiful thing benefits from a composite pressure hull, designed to keep two passengers safe as they sit comfortably in a pair of custom-made carbon fiber seats and admire the underwater spectacle through the acrylic domes optimized for clear underwater sightseeing.

Add in the two independent digitally monitored oxygen systems, an advanced communications system and an overall Bond-like attitude, and the Undersea Aquahoverer is the way to go next time you’re in Caribbean waters – there’s no word on heating systems provided with this explorer, making warm waters the safer decision for your new water toy.

Undersea Aquahoverer



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