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The Taste Of Ultimate Luxury: the MCIII Champagne

Driven by passion and over 270-years of experience in the art of fine winemaking, the world’s most renowned champagne house and winery, Moët & Chandon, always tries to come up with the next delicious and irresistible flavor for its fans.

The French brand behind the world’s most luxurious champagne has just introduced the ultra-premium MCIII champagne, created from an assemblage of vintage wines, matured in three different universes: metal, wood and glass – a first for Moët & Chandon, by the way.

Described as its most harmonious and complex bubbly to date, the MCIII Champagne is set to become a state-of-the-art drink for connoisseurs, showcased with the aid of a luxurious and eye-catching bottle, that seems to mix together glass, metal, and wood in a magical way.

The new MCIII Champagne is also being praised as the ultimate ambassador for fine Champagne, and will be available directly from the Moët & Chandon house at 450 euros. Price-tag aside, a more than decent one considering the exquisite offering, wouldn’t you just love to have a sip?


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