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The Secluded Seychelles Wilderness Safari Retreat

If you’re looking for a secluded resort to relax for a couple of days away from the busy life, this might be the right answer to your needs. The Seychelles Safari Retreat is a gorgeous resort, set within luxuriant tropical vegetation, on the shores of the North Island.

The typical Seychelles fauna and flora can be viewed and enjoyed here, from endemic to extremely beautiful and rare species of plants and animals. The resort consists of 11 accommodation facilities in the shape of handcrafted villas, opening the fine Wilderness Safari experience to its guests.

Some people have described the location as “a place of barefoot luxury” – this statement makes it clear that communing with Mother Nature is at its highest possibility here. Apart from the superb setting, modern elegance is obvious throughout, helping you to accommodate easily with the place, thus making you feel almost like home.

The luxurious beach villas can be found on the eastern beach, each of them ready to host enthusiastic travelers, while featuring a secondary bedroom for kids. Among the places to spend your time at notable are the health spa, gym, the world-class diving center, the rim-flow swimming pool, lounge areas, library and exquisite dining spaces.

The beach bar and the restaurant are found on the western side of the island, where one can admire gorgeous sunsets while enjoying a tasty cocktail. We invite you to this incredibly welcoming scenario, where tranquility and privacy are at the highest standards possible. And think of all this luxury, which can make you feel like a royal figure.



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