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The Sanlorenzo SL104 Super Yacht is amazing!

By Adrian Prisca


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Besides the spirit of uniqueness with which Sanlorenzo Yachts have been greeting us during the years, there’s also the great level of detailing that we should mention when discussing about them. As a demonstration for the aforementioned, we give you the Sanlorenzo SL104 planing yacht, a fabulous yacht that will be displayed at the Miami International Boat Show during this week.

Its builders provide future customers with a whole array of possibilities to personally customize the vessel. This is valid for both the interior and the exterior, allowing future owners to express their thoughts and feelings via the look of their yacht.

The interior designer, Marty Lowe, used just a few tones to paint the inner side of the vessel, like black and creamy white, giving it an air of tranquility, combined with natural materials placed in various unique settings. The main point of influence for these are the rocky coastlines, iridescent sea-shell hues and black sandy beaches, all of them originating from nature.

Such materials are bleached anigre woods, hand-carved wenge, supple leathers, fossilized marbles, bronzed glass and mirrors, viewers being able to see even stainless steel from spot to spot, all these making the vessel extremely inviting and pleasant to touch.

The salon serves a double purpose, being able to function as both a lounge and a dining room, and has an informal air that matches the American style. The flybridge dining area on the other hand tells a different story, being exquisite and way more private.  The lounges in the main salon are covered with some sort of pure Belgian linen, processed to allow for a sensation of coziness and pleasure.

The main deck puts at disposal the Master suite, an incredibly light and aerated location, due to the presence of numerous windows. It features a rain shower secluded with a special sort of glass that turns mate at the flick of a switch. The Galley is designed by an experienced chef, maximizing its luxury and efficiency level.

Outside, the areas are separated to allow multiple possibilities of entertainment. They are decorated with white-cushion-covered basket chairs, expressing the main idea of these places, which is relaxation. The aft deck features spaces where one can enjoy his/her cocktail, morning coffee or après dinner.

Furthermore, to carry on the relaxed atmosphere, the flybridge provides enough areas to enjoy a cocktail, to relax, grill, sun-bathe or even to watch your favorite team’s game.

The level of detail on this boat is absolutely incredible. This is the only way one can enjoy a luxurious trip and get completely relaxed. Plus, this gorgeous vessel packs quite a punch as well, carrying on the 50-year-old tradition of sailing in complete tranquility.


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