A Surprising Beauty: the Pininfarina E-voluzione Electric Bike

Pininfarina E-voluzione

The stunning E-voluzione is the latest project to come out from Pininfarina’s amazing design studio, an awesome electric bike that’s a real surprise coming from one of the world’s most renowned coachbuilders. Although official power figures of this futuristic bike can’t be compared to Pininfarina’s H2 Speed concept car, the high-tech project before you is totally innovative, which is why people at Eurobike 2016 got all kinds of excited.

Developed in collaboration with the Netherlands-based bicycle builders at Diavelo, the E-voluzione hides a small electric motor and a proprietary 36-volt removable battery right under that stylish exterior. Obviously, the handlebar and stem, cables and lighting were designed in pure Pininfarina fashion, which means superlative aesthetics and functionality.

Pininfarina E-voluzione

The 35-pound bike benefits from a sleek carbon fiber construction, including the frame, bar, seat post, and even the wheels. This lightweight project also impresses everyone thanks to a responsive riding experience, provided by the aerodynamic body that was actually modeled after extended wind-tunnel tests.

The Shimano components, like the belt-drive transmission and hydraulic disc brakes make this electric bike even more impressive, and you should know there’s also a built-in cycle computer meant to provide the rider with pertinent information on the go.

When we’re talking about Pininfarina, we’re obviously thinking of exclusivity, the kind of exclusivity that costs around $5,600 for the E-voluzione, a cool bike that will be available in three different guises: Elegance, Hi-Tech, and Dynamic. We’d love to ride this beautiful thing around town!

Pininfarina E-voluzione