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The New Boeing 777-X Business Jet will Soon Conquer the Skies

By Vlad Craciun


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If flying anywhere on Earth without a layover was your dream, Boeing just made your dream reality. Their new luxury VIP business jet model designed for the Boeing 777X body will do just that. The company unveiled it at the Middle East Business Aviation Association trade show in Dubai. The claim? To be the first business jet that can fly anywhere in the world without a stop.

And flying from anywhere to anywhere else on Earth without a layover will be done in a luxurious and comfortable manner. The 777X’s spacious cabin is 8 feet tall and 20 feet wide, providing more than enough room for the business person to do anything a business person would do on a long flight around the world, from preparing their next meeting to relaxing.

Boeing 777-X

The interior will feature almost infinite design options, as shown through the concepts of the three leading design companies Boeing contacted for the project: Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Jet Aviation and Unique Aircraft Design. The designs were inspired from nature’s tranquility, like cumulus clouds over white sand beaches, smooth rolling hills or the relaxing night sky full of stars, showing the wide range of options future customers will have at their disposal when it comes to tweaking their cabins.

The new BBJ 777X will be available in two models, redefining the long range VIP air travel and setting the new industry standards when it comes to comfort during ultra long flights. With a flight range of 11,645 nautical miles for the new BBJ 777-8 and 11,000 nautical miles for the BBJ 777-9, the new Boeing Luxury Business Jet will have the longest flight range. In addition to that, the passenger cabins will offer 3,256 and 3,689 square feet of space respectively, with almost unlimited interior design options for utmost comfort, as stated by Boeing.

The company expects their first Boeing 777-9 to be delivered in 2020, with the 777-8 following close behind.

Boeing 777-X

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