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The Hublot Big Bang Paraiba is One of the Most Amazing Watches We’ve Ever Seen

By Vlad Craciun


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Hublot Big Bang Paraiba

Big Bang Paraiba is Hublot’s shiny new addition to the world of bespoke luxury watches. But the part of the watch that shines the most is the ultra rare and precious stone Paraíba Tourmaline, a gem so special that for every 10,000 diamonds mined, only one of its kind is mined, making the demand for it rise to the skies.

The stone boasts unique colors and a quality that sets it apart from any other tourmaline stone. Its color is a magical blend of copper, gold and manganese, with an incandescent glow that makes the stone seem like it’s illuminated from within.

The Paraiba Tourmalines on Hublot’s Big Bang Paraiba are certified by some of the largest gemmological labs in the world, and the source of the stones is Brazil’s Rio Grande area.

If you’re wondering how was that possible, you should know that Hublot managed to obtain a special agreement and a long-term partnership with Pierre Salanitro and a local mine to grant them exclusive access to the very precious stone.

Hublot Big Bang Paraiba

The mine is known to operate in a sustainable and environmentally safe way, fully complying to local and international ethics, preserving the soil and replanting forests in the region after the extraction operations.

The Paraiba Tourmaline is more fragile than emerald and requires a more complicated process of cutting and handling which can take even three times as much as for a diamond. When the stones are selected, after being cut, around 30% of them are rejected due to quality standards being unmet.

The exclusivity and the uniformness of the color of the stone makes the Hublot Big Bang Paraiba one of the most special watches in the world right now.

Hublot Big Bang Paraiba

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