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The gorgeous new Caviar Amore Collection

By Brian Pho


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Symbolizing luxury, wealth, opulence and success, the Caviar series of hand manufactured phones was superbly put together by famous Italian designer Elias Giacometti of the old jewelcrafting workshop Perla Penna, founded back in 1861. The brand has now come up with a staggering series of smartphones dubbed the Caviar Amore Collection. It is a true Haute Couture series bound to captivate the interest of women who accomplish things through love, sentimentalism and style.

It comprises a total of four different phone designs based on the idea of putting together totally distinct standards and styles, and mixing different sorts of exquisite materials like gold and anaconda skin. Here comes a series of particular descriptions tied to each model.

The Amore Rosa, priced at $4,330, is crafted from white gold and pink leather, put together through exquisite hand craftsmanship. The Amore Rossa has further been embellished with white gold which adds some sparkle to a superbly put together gadget. You cannot simply not notice this beauty.

The second piece, the Amore Scarlatto, is available at $4,630 and contrasts shades of ruby berry – a tone particularly worked out for this model – and classical yellow gold. This is for the women who cherish love and passion at unimaginable levels.

The next piece is the Amore Mirtillo, worth $4,495 and reportedly inspired from the early creations of Yves Saint Laurent. The artist has in fact studied the whole history of Yves Saint Laurent for this matter, having spent countless hours searching through the brand’s archives. Crafted from black gold lace of ruthenium, this hand manufactured thing of beauty expresses feminine independence and beauty through bilberry colored anaconda leather.

The most simple of the lot, but equally elegant and staggering, is the Amore Angelo. This astronomically beautiful piece seems like being covered by delicate snow. It was manufactured from white gold and pristine white leather, of an angelic impression. Stunning!


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