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The F1 Championship Winning Exhaust Lamp

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We rarely get to see lighting fixtures that are in any way special. Something of historical significance is even scarcer. That’s where Racing Gold comes in, a British company with over two decades of history behind it dedicated to creating bespoke, high-quality household items using parts from Formula 1 vehicles. Their latest creation the remarkable F1 Championship Winning Exhaust Lamp, made using components from Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars.

This unique lamp has all the best features of a great Formula 1 car: it’s sleek, smooth, and aerodynamic, with a certain elegance those appreciate these powerful vehicles will definitely notice. Fashioned from a hand-polished Inconel exhaust system, it can be controlled by the owner via remote, and has gearbox rings as lamp holders.

The buyer can choose either a race-winning exhaust from a car driven by Mark Webber or Sebastian Vettel, making every unit an immensely valuable collector’s item as well. Also included in the purchase price a framed certificate detailing the exhausts’ history (the driver, circuit, and amount of kilometers covered), as well as a tour of Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s facilities in Milton Keynes, UK.

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