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The Arajilla Retreat Looks Ideal Just About Now

By Victor Baker


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Arajilla Retreat

I think it’s safe to assume none of us like to travel in the middle of a torrid summer’s day; forget all about the long flight and paperwork, it’s the heavy lifting and waiting in line that really gets me. But when your destination is a mesmerizing resort like the Arajilla Retreat, you seem to forget about everything else and start to daydream about chilling out, enjoying the warm breeze and getting spoiled by an excellent staff – that’s what I’m always looking forward.

Tucked away on the sheltered north end of the Lord Howe Island, a tiny Australian island in the Tasman Sea, the Arajilla Retreat is surrounded by thriving vegetation, turquoise water, and awe-inspiring geological formations that seem to be waiting for your arrival.

Arajilla Retreat

Once you breathe in the salty ocean air here and take in the lush and vivid fauna, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and at peace with the world. This superb retreat complements its surroundings in the most beautiful of ways, with tranquil rooms, designed with a soft palette, organic accents, and an open, airy layout, and gorgeous patios which fuse the interior with the exterior and keep you sheltered from the sun’s hot rays with Kentia Palms and Banyan Trees.

If you’re the more active type, there are various activities ready to be enjoyed at the Arajilla retreat, including mountain bikes, fishing, and snorkeling, with the resort’s timber decked restaurant being the perfect place to end your day in this remote corner of the Earth. So, lock everything up, unplug all modern equipment and book a plane ticket to this incredible Australian island, where a magical resort is eager to get you feeling content and mesmerized.

Arajilla Retreat

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