The 2017 BAC Mono Showed Up At the LA Motor Show

2017 BAC Mono

The Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) arrived at the 2016 Los Angeles Motor Show with their stunning single-seater BAC Mono, which received a couple of interesting updates for the 2017 model.

The new BAC Mono is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.5-litre engine, that’s good for about 305 hp and 227 lb-ft (308 Nm) of torque, which enables the 580 kg vehicle to benefit from a jaw dropping power-to-weight ratio of 525 hp per ton and brag about a 0 to 60 mph time of just 2.8 seconds.

The updated MONO also features a five-stage traction control, an intelligent launch control and an auto upshift function, but the driver of this incredible machine will probably also appreciate the steering wheel’s faster-ratio rack or the electronic parking brake.

2017 BAC Mono

The 2017 BAC Mono is built around the company’s wider chassis, thus delivering more space and comfort inside the cabin. Furthermore, it’s well worth mentioning that the British sports car maker wants to provide technical support, dealer acquisition and technician training, so if you’re interested in getting one of these beauties, they’ll make sure the entire process goes smoothly, from start to finish.

It seems their goal is to have between 8 to 10 dedicated dealers across the USA over the next 12 months, which could basically be considered an invasion. Are you ready for it? Judging by the looks of things, many of you will probably surrender.

2017 BAC Mono