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Take a Step Back in Time in the Heart of Tuscany At Il Borro

Il Borro

Sometimes we feel the need to take a step back in time, to experience and enjoy the wonderful ways of living of our previous generations. You could do just that in the heart of Tuscany, at the charming Il Borro, a luxurious countryside retreat housed within a medieval village that hasn’t changed much over the last centuries.

We’re talking about the small village of San Giustino Valdarno, where you could have a taste of 19th century rural Italian life in the best way possible. Here, wines and olive oils are still produced by traditional methods, the ancient buildings of the village still stand tall and look as amazing as ever and the delicious floral aromas welcome travelers from far, far away.

Il Borro

Il Borro fits perfectly into its wonderful surroundings, hiding its true nature behind a gorgeous 19th century facade. The hotel includes an ancient villa and several farm buildings, perfectly restored and equipped with all the modern amenities you could ever dream of.

The offering includes 40 guest accommodations, including cozy Classic Suites and over-sized Villas. Regardless of your choice, WiFi is complimentary, the living rooms are spacious and the en-suite bathrooms will make you chill out and appreciate the finest things in life even more.

The hotel’s chef Andrea Campani is a native from this area, which means your dining experience will be truly an enjoyable Tuscan evening. And once you consider the surrounding vineyards around the hotel, you’ll realize you’ve never been closer to a perfect vacation.

Il Borro


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