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Stratocaster Creates Stunning Fabergé Egg-Inspired One-Off Guitar

By Brody Patterson


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Fender is a legendary musical instruments manufacturer, perhaps most famous for the Stratocaster electric guitar. Bringing together the best of two worlds, master guitar maker Yuriy Shishkov has decided to create a stunning one-of-a-kind Fender Stratocaster inspired by the 1900 Fabergé Pine Cone Easter Egg.

Shishkov traced and carved the pine cone pattern we see on the egg through a projected 3D image straight onto the body of the guitar. A whopping 550 diamonds have been embedded in the scales, fingerboard inlays, custom knobs, side dots, and engraved sides on the headstock, and subsequently each scale has been gilded with silver and 18-carat gold. If this seems too expensive already, you can check here more gift ideas for men.

Gold has also been used on the engraved bridge and pickups, with the fingerboard alone featuring 3 meters of gold wire trellis. To round things off, the body has been coated three times in a special finish, giving it the same gloss as the egg which served as its inspiration.

In addition to the guitar, the buyer will also get an authentic Fabergé Pine Cone Easter egg and a matching blue leather strap. Set to go on auction soon, this splendid Stratocaster is expected to go for about $1 million.

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