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Specially designed, dazzling Absolut Elyx by Cimon Art

By Brian Pho


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One of the most famous handlers of crystal materials in the world, Cimon Art is now presenting a gorgeous take on a thing you and I love, from time to time. They’ve created a magnificently beautiful bottle of Absolut Vodka – it will catch your eyes.

The brand has previously worked on famous projects like all sorts of sculptures, Swarovski-studded Perrier-Jouët bottles and Crystallized Lego holiday trains, providing us with insights into the capabilities of their artists.

Currently owned by Australian artist Cimon, Cimon Art is now coming up with a gorgeous birthday gift for the man who knows what to drink, when, how and with whom.

The bloke was simply asked to prove his masterful hands by creating a special edition of the Absolute Elyx Vodka – the result is absolutely stunning, as you can see, embellished with Swarovski elements all over, which glamorously change color from fire red to tones of burnt orange. It’s a fantastic game of colors, a dance of shine and magic. What else could you want more?


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