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Skoda’s VisionSea Yacht concept looks like a green fairy

I love yacht concepts inspired by supercars but I’ve never expected to see a yacht released by Skoda, built for speed and inspired by a family sedan. We’ve seen cigar boats looking like Lamborghinis or Mercedes AMGs, but the Skoda VisionSea takes inspiration from the automaker’s VisionC concept, which previews the next generation of five door saloons from Skoda.

This beautiful lime green yacht has the same lines as the concept car and it’s actually a hybrid speedboat. It comes with a turbo-petrol direct injection engine that’s able to produce 180 horsepower and an electric motor which adds 270 horsepower to the yacht’s power outfit. All this power goes through a modern 6 speed dual clutch transmission.

So the Skoda VisionSea is going to be pretty fast and it will also be really comfortable, offering the most legroom in its class and a lot of storage space. We don’t have any photos of the interior yet, but according to Skoda the boat will come with a height adjustable leather steering wheel, lifejackets, stainless steel bottle holders and even a special pocket for your smartphone or tablet.

What’s even more interesting is that this yacht will also feature pivotal water ski hooks, which can be easily released and retracted by pressing a simple button. The Skoda VisionSea should be able to go for 50 nautical miles on electric power alone. That’s pretty impressive, right?


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