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Silversea Cruise Line Promises To Take You Anywhere Around The World


The Monaco-based luxury cruise line Silversea has decided to blow everyone else out of the water by introducing the Silversea Grand Expeditions, a group of five new itineraries for fall and winter. Each of these extraordinary trips will cost about $11,000/person, starting from incredible locations such as the Galápagos Islands, and continuing onto the coast of Central America, South America, or Antarctica.

Ranging from 18 to 34 days, the packages will include cruise fares for the ships Silver Galapagos and Silver Explorer, land tours, luxury hotel accommodations, return air travel and ground transportation as well. For example, the 18-day Latin American Delights tour will allow passengers to cruise the western Galápagos Islands and then spend a night on land in Ecuador, between October 1 and October 19.

Sailing along the jungle-covered coastlines of Panama and Colombia may also be enjoyable, while the South American Sojourn runs for 25 days, from October 8 to November 2, offering a tour of Genovesa Island, as well as two nights on land in Ecuador.


Next up, the Frigatebirds, Ice Fields & Fjords 23-day excursion takes place from October 22 to November 14. Starting off with a seven-day cruise through the north-central region of Galápagos, this trip allows passengers to spend a night in Guayaquil, Ecuador, before flying off to Santiago, Chile, for an evening stay.

The majestic views of Chile’s lakes, fjords, and snow-tipped mountains are par of the incredible experience, as the ship sails from Valparaíso, Chile, to Ushuaia, Argentina. The last two Grand Expeditions itineraries, the Conquer South America and Antarctica, will keep you busy for 34 days, from October 29 through December 2, while the Southernmost South America trip takes 26 days – from November 26 through December 22.

Both of these exquisite trips offer an adventure-filled time to the western Galápagos Islands, a land excursion to Machu Picchu in Peru, and on to Iguazu Falls in Argentina; Antarctica’s ice-dredged shores should easily be considered cool.




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