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Shangri-La Tokyo Welcomes You in the Heart of the Metropolis

By Victor Baker


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Shangri-La Tokyo

Some of you might know that Shangri-La was actually a fictional place from the 1933 novel ‘Lost Horizon‘ by British novelist James Hilton; a mystical, harmonious valley, that was enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains and has become synonymous with any earthly paradise, and particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia.

According to the novel, this amazing land should allow people to leave years beyond the normal lifespan and experience much more than nature originally intended. And things might feel similar at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tokyo, where guests may enjoy a wide array of luxuries and unique services that may otherwise sound far beyond our realm.

Shangri-La Tokyo

Shangri-La Tokyo stands out in the neon blur of Central Tokyo, nestled within the top 11 floors of the Marunouchi Trust Tower. With 200 beautifully decorated rooms on offer, including 16 sprawling suites, this lavish hotel delivers incredible views and mesmerizing amenities to anyone who dares go past its doors.

This seducing hotel also benefits from a lovely geometrically-tiled pool and a modern fitness center, not to mention the Asian-inspired Chi Spa that will make you forget about everything else, except the feeling of being completely spoiled.

If you feel hungry or curious, you’re more than welcomed to head out to Nadaman, the hotel’s fine Japanese restaurant, that offers natural classics and a unique dining experience, complete with a Teppanyaki bar. There’s also a fancy Italian restaurant called Piacere, if you’re in the mood for some Italian flavors, and plenty of places where you could enjoy your morning coffee or a delicious cocktail.

Shangri-La Tokyo

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