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Rocky Retreat Two Holiday Villa in Mykonos, Greece

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in the heart of Greece, the stunning Rocky Retreat Two has just opened its gates in the rocky landscape of Mykonos, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. The exterior look of the retreat perfectly blends into the gorgeous local environment.

There’s an infinity pool, located in front of the house and next to a large wooden shaded pergola, shaped like a lagoon, built with special materials with rock elements, colored in sandy tones. This adds to the superb, natural look of the facility.

Guests are pampered with traditional wood fire barbecue, serving as a great means of entertainment and dining during night and day, while an open bar surrounded by stools makes sure they don’t run out of liquors.

As for the interiors, they partly reflect the outside looks, adding an important characteristic – comfort. Each one of the rooms boasts with traditional materials, exquisite furnishing, contemporary decorations and state of the art amenities.

This exquisite holiday villa, with its near perfect placement on one of the idyllic islands of Greece, is a superb spot to shed the effects of daily stress. Come and see for yourself!


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