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Richard Mille’s RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ is the Travel Watch You Always Wanted

RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating AlarmACJ 9

Described as the ultimate travel watch, the RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ was designed by the renowned Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille together with Airbus Corporate Jets, an extraordinary timepiece made to fit in with the design of the stunning corporate jets that Airbus makes.

The watch also comes with a pretty ridiculous price tag, and it’s probably meant for millionaires who can afford buying corporate jets as well, since it costs an unbelievable $1,225,000. One of the impressive features of the new Richard Mille timepiece is a discreet alarm which can alert the wearer through vibrations that only they can feel.

It’s the latest and greatest complication developed by Richard Mille with Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, based on a vibrating signal produced by the rotation of an oscillating weight.

RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating AlarmACJ 1

The look of the new timepiece comes with a face machined from titanium and Carbon TPT in the shape of an aircraft window, with different layers reflecting the texture of the exotic wood that Airbus uses in making jet cabins. The case of the watch was assembled with 20 Torq-Set screws mode from grade 5 titanium and abrasion resistant washers in 316L stainless steel.

The sides of the watch have a design which draws inspiration from the metal aircraft structure, with the crown-winder resembling an engine’s fan-blades.

The skeleton movement is shown via the watch’s transparent front and back and involves the use of grade 5 titanium for its components as well, plus black PVD treatment. Both materials are used in the aerospace industry due to their properties which ensures rigidity and precise surface flatness.

In the end, you should know the Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ will be produced in a limited edition of only 30 pieces, so you might need to hurry up if you’re willing to splash out $1,225,000 on this timepiece.

RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating AlarmACJ 7


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