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My Song is an Incredibly Appealing Mix

My Song

No, we are not going to talk about an Emmy-award winning musical delight, as this article is actually about a stunning vessel designed by an all-star team consisting of Baltic Yachts, Nauta Design, Reichel/Pugh, and MCM. The marvelous yacht in question, called My Song, walked away with the coveted Neptune trophy in her class of the World Superyacht Awards in Florence earlier this year.

Looking like a meticulously handcrafted work of art, this ultra sleek vessel is well worth your attention, boasting a marvelous blend between style and performance – it’s like a Batmobile, only destined to rock the waves. With a clean profile and a sporty appearance, the 40-meter project before you is also one of the larger full-carbon yachts on the racing scene.

My Song

My Song brags about a top speed of over 30 knots and a displacement of 105 tonnes, but comfort was also one of the main focus points when the building process has started, with her exterior decks boasting a pure Italian style and acting like an ideal place to relax. The sunken level near the water’s edge is one of our favorite features, allowing passengers to hide away from the breeze and enjoy an unobstructed view of the surrounding bay they are anchored in.

Offering a welcoming sense of luxury, My Song also includes a simple sun terrace and displays minimalist furnishings inside-out, with a mahogany-clad deck head, various skylights and wide portholes, as well as an impressive master suite and a private apartment being also worth a mention.

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly how much this yacht will set you back, but we’re sure that the experience aboard will prove to be priceless.

My Song


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