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Molnar Fabry’s Majestic Tourbillon Piece Unique Is Beyond Exquisite

Molnar Fabry

Owning a rare, limited edition timepiece is something that most of us will never get to experience or enjoy, and when we’re taking about a unique watch, things get close to impossible. Nonetheless, the Molnar Fabry Majestic Tourbillon Piece Unique should and must be appreciated, even through a few digital pictures.

This completely unique timepiece shows off majestic beauty on its dial, housed in a rose gold case. Molnar Fabry, an up and coming luxury watch brand from Slovakia, has accepted the challenge of making wristwatches interesting once more, with their latest project boasting a 44-mm rose gold case and that wonderful Art Deco-inspired dial.

Once you get a glimpse of the polished and satin-brushed surfaces, you start to get a feel of the solid and elegant presence of this incredible watch.

Molnar Fabry

The front side of the watch shows off sun rays, truncated to allow everyone to admire the gear behind the show – so to speak. The rose gold hands contrast beautifully with the black rhodium background, putting out a mixed yet appealing feeling.

The skeletonized nature of the Molnar Fabry Majestic Tourbillon Piece Unique involved incredible efforts, considering the amount of work that has been invested in stripping back the calibre without affecting the stability of the movement.

Molnar Fabry went for a TT800 One Minute Tourbillon caliber, courtesy of TechnoTime, hand-wound and automatic, with a 21,600bph frequency and a power reserve of 72 hours. A blue alligator strap, hand-made by ABP Paris, is what helps users adorn their wrist with this incredible jewel.

With over 400 hours of manual labor involved this timepiece, you should understand the €85,000 price-tag.

Molnar Fabry



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