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Moët & Chandon introduces the Diamond Collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Hooray, the holidays are coming, and there are no better occasions to think of in order to show your love and dedication to your dearest. A bottle of champagne could do nicely, and here we are, with the newest collection from Moët & Chandon. It is reportedly named the Diamond Collection and embodies the entire essence of the famous French brand’s expertise.

The end of 2012 comes with glamour and parties, as these massively gorgeous champagne bottles wrapped in prismatic golden packaging have been launched. Each and every element of the packages is linked by a stunning diamond prism design which confers the bottles not only elegance, but also great looks. This brings forth a BYOB option for all sorts of festive gatherings and parties.

The main purpose of this collection is to emphasize the ending of an year and the beginning of a new one. The Maison has once again focused on the iconic Impérial, with its elegant maturity, seductive palate and zesty fruitiness. The packages will be available in many shapes and sizes, like the Twinkle Box or the Golden Diamond. Don’t miss yours!

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