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Mercedes-AMG teamed up with MV Agusta for the F3 800 Motorcycle

By Victor Baker


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F3 800 Motorcycle

In case you don’t know this yet, Mercedes-AMG has acquired a 25% stake in Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta almost a year ago. And today the two renowned companies have decided to celebrate their partnership together by unveiling a gorgeous, one-off, motorcycle, called F3 800.

Considered the ultimate in performance and passion, the ravishing F3 800 motorcycle was inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT S, which is why it features an AMG solarbeam yellow exterior with black accents, as well as AMG / MV Agusta badging.

F3 800 Motorcycle

The MV Agusta F3 800 also shows off a black leather seat, with contrasting yellow stitching. This bike obviously couldn’t have been equipped with the AMG engine, but the 798 cc three-cylinder engine it’s been fitted with is good for around 148 PS (108 kW) and 88 Nm (65 lb-ft) of torque.

This means that the F3 800 will reach a pretty safe top speed of 269 km/h (167.1 mph), easily. The trick is not to drool too much in the process.

F3 800 Motorcycle

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