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MB&F’s new Robot Clock is called Grant

By Vlad Craciun


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While some of you might be new to this interesting concept of robot clocks, the brilliant team from MB&F (Maximilian Busser and Friends) isn’t. They’ve got behind a rich history of spaceships, timekeeping robots and other wacky creations. This time, they’ve revealed Grant, a three wheeled track transforming armored robot. Think of Transformers, but with a clock as their main feature.

The name is taken from the American Army M3 Lee “Grant”, a tank used on the battlefields of World War II. This incredible clock robot was designed together with the acclaimed Swiss clockmaker L’Epée 1839. It comes in steel, with nickel and palladium plated brass and comprises no less than 268 parts, reaching a total weight of 2.34 kg.

The MB&F Grant has L’Epée in-line eight-day movement wound on the dial side of the clock and features a double-depth square socket key on the right hand of the robot, with a glass dome protecting the balance and escapement. The time is shown on the back shield.

Unlike the previous robot clocks designed by MB&F, the brand new Grant has the ability to change its shape. The dial starts as horizontal in the lowest position and can also be set as a desk clock at a 45 degree angle or vertical at 90 degrees, reaching a height of 166 mm when raised and 115 mm when flat.

Grant will come in Nickel, Black and Blue, with each edition limited to just 50 pieces and a price tag of 22,200 Swiss Francs.

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