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Introducing the new HYT Flow – Is it Art Or Science?

HYT Flow 1

Independent watchmaker HYT needs no introduction – if you haven’t heard of them by now, you will surely remember the brand’s name tomorrow. Known for their unique timekeeping creations that seem to blend art and science, the innovative Swiss brand has always been keen on coming up with the next cool thing.

The core concept or idea behind their unique watches was displaying time with fluids. Some of you may recall HYT releasing a battery-less LED-lit version of their H4 watch, but today we have a chance to look at it once again, in the form of a fresh, more elaborate version.

This is the new HYT Flow, an eye catching watch that displays the passing of time, both during the day and during the night, and on-demand as well. Featuring an asymmetric 51mm steel case, fitted with two crowns, this stunning watch uses the 4 o’clock crown for illumination.

HYT Flow 2

Triggered by a pusher, a miniaturized generator stores and dispels energy to activate the LEDs – no battery is required once again, as the mechanical energy is stored in a barrel and converted into electrical power. How cool is that? Fun to look at and play with, this lighting feature is also a defining aesthetic aspect of this unique timekeeping concept.

The sapphire crystal protects fluids and electric light, while a tri-dimensional metallic dial environment that mimics light waves radiating from the lower crown. All this time, pardon the pun, a ring of Superluminova sits underneath the capillary and enhances the flow of time.

HYT Flow 3

Available in two lovely iterations, the HYT Flow can be purchased with either a dome made of 73 baguette diamonds, while a second option includes a tapered shape creating a never-ending vortex down to the mechanical movement. If you want a watch that will help you stand out from a crowd, the HYT Flow and its fluidic hour indication is definitely the right choice.

The complex mechanical movement that powers up this timepiece is visible via the exhibition case back; it runs at 4hz and it can store 65 hours of backup power. Only 25 units of each HYT Flow will be available, with the watch selling for CHF 79,000 – the Vortex version – and CHF 149,000 for the diamond-studded iteration.

HYT Flow 5


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