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Hotel Review: Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras

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The High Tatras, Slovakia. The highest mountain range in Europe’s Carpathian Mountains. Cold, monumental snow-covered peaks combined with peaceful pine forests, amazing waterfalls and heaven-like places. If you’ve never thought of visiting, you should put them on your bucket-list.

With more than twenty peaks rising over 2,500 meters above the sea level, the High Tatras offer both challenging hikes and wonderful picturesque views, a low cost alternative to most well known – and super crowded – regions like the Swiss Alps.

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The High Tatras mountains are also very well known for their stunning mountain lakes, called ‘pleso’ in Slovak. These lakes, or tarns, were created by melting glaciers and are often round in shape. The most well known of these lakes is Strbske pleso, which is also the symbol of the High Tatras in Slovakia.

The nearby eponymous village and ski resort is also a top tourist destination, with many hotels, lovely folk restaurants and other attractions. Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras is one of the landmarks of the area, located right next to this lake, in the charming village of Strbske pleso.

First Impression

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Located in the middle of an astonishing natural setting, in between the arms of the Tatras by the beguiling Lake Strbske pleso, Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras will leave you breathless at the first sight. The fairytale-like atmosphere of the beautiful mountainous area and the grandeur with which the hotel welcomes you couldn’t be put in the right words. The experience of arriving to that very place will feel exceptional in every aspect.

The story of the hotel goes back to the year 1893, when the first of the buildings that comprise the hotel nowadays was built, a small romantic villa frequented by only the most aristocratic individuals of the era. Central and Eastern Royal Families were some of the common guests. The other two buildings of the hotel were built and connected to the original one in 1906 and 1923 respectively.

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Back in 2003, the place transformed into the luxury hotel it is today. Everything was carefully renovated to keep it as true to the original buildings as possible. The abundant natural wood decors and the feel of a hunting lodge here and there give the hotel a special atmosphere. Once inside, you feel like every wish and every dream can become real.


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Waking up every morning with breathtaking sights of the crisp mountain peaks around or unwinding in the hotel room while watching the Sun set over the ridges of the High Tatras will surely make anyone wish to prolong their stay for as long as possible. Or for as long as their budget allows.

The rooms bring together classic European luxuries with the great feeling of alpine retreats, blending in harmony wooden floors and furniture with lustrous white accessories, richly decorated window curtains and elegant wallpaper.

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The delicate, soft mattresses and bedding make the beds feel like haven, and the colored stone and elegant furnishings of the bathroom add up to provide a refreshing experience.

Their rooms also offer all the modern gadgets everyone takes for granted nowadays, adding plenty of digital functionalities to a refined rustic setting.

Eating & Drinking

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When it comes to eating and drinking, Grand Hotel Kempinski’s Grand Restaurant creates a unique dining atmosphere that feels like a trip back to more elegant and romantic times.

It’s the perfect place to indulge in one of the greatest pleasures of life, with a grand gourmet breakfast, exceptional gastronomic delights for lunch and dinner, plus other extravagant delicacies, all of that complemented with fine wines and other exquisite drinks.

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The Lobby Lounge & Bar is another superb bonus that Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras brings to its guests. Comfort yourself in a serene atmosphere by enjoying a cocktail in their posh lounges by the open fire or while admiring the stunning lake views from their terrace.

With a great selection of snacks, tea and coffee, cakes, pastries, chocolates and fine cocktails, cognacs and whiskies, the Lobby Lounge & Bar and the separate Cigar Lounge are the perfect setting for leisure and recreation.

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If that wasn’t enough, they provide chess and billiard aficionados with a special place of their own. The Player’s Lounge has everything for those who love to enjoy those activities while having a glass of their favorite drink.

They haven’t forgotten about the more romantic personalities out there either, so they offer them an exceptional private dinner in the Panoramic View Tower, in the company of the splendid Tatras.

Spa & Wellness

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No such hotel would be complete without spa and wellness facilities. Grand Hotel Kempinski’s Zion Spa Luxury is a whole new world compared to the rest of the hotel. With a modern feel and design to it, the facility features a heated indoor swimming pool and an amazing heated whirlpool, opening up to views of the Strbske pleso lake and the mountains around.

But Zion Spa Luxury offers much more than that. It’s a complete world of relaxation and comfort which includes a Wellness and Fitness Center, special treatments and massages, VIP suites and treatment rooms, combining the perfect equipment with the best of the local healing traditions.

Final Thoughts

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With its unique location and atmosphere, Grand Hotel Kempinksi High Tatras couldn’t be better. The hotel’s magnificent natural setting combined with the luxury, elegance and the special feel of this place makes it great for an unforgettable vacation in the mountains.

There was nothing to reproach while we were there. The lovely room we’ve stayed in, with an amazing view of the lake, the exemplary service and great food, plus the feeling that they really care about their clients made us want to come back again sometime in the future.

Where: Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras
Kúpeľná 6, 059 85 Vysoké Tatry-Štrbské Pleso, Slovakia
Phone: +421 52/326 22 22

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