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Hotel Review: Château Amade, a Real Gem from Slovakia

By Adrian Prisca


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Château Amade

Vrakun, Slovakia – you’ve probably never thought about this place when you’ve imagined the perfect vacation destination, but trust us, this hotel is beyond everything you could possibly imagine. Proudly sitting in the heart of the Rye Island, the greatest river island in Europe, the fascinating Amade Château takes you back in time and inspires travelers from all over the world to revel in the pleasures of life.

With its hot springs, wonderful summers and fertile black earth, the Rye island tells stories of abundance and romantic getaways through the branches of the Danube. In the old days, the small city of Vrakun used to be the seat of the noble Amade family, and this beautiful castle – built in 1904 by Mátyás Pfeifer was their former home.

Château Amade entry

Today, Château Amade has been beautifully converted into a five-star hotel, with a unique style and a historic atmosphere that reminds us of the glamorous world of Rococo. Aristocrats used to come here very often and now we all have a chance to enjoy this mesmerizing property and its lavish lifestyle.

First Impression

Château Amade lobby

The hotel charms you right from the entrance with its chic corridor leading to a cosmopolitan reception that’s open 24 hours. Everything inside speaks of luxury – the curtains and the elegant furniture, all in candid colors and lovely dragonfly motives. The Lobby itself is a cozy place, perfect for business meetings or private reunions at a glass of wine and an appetizing desert.

The elegant fireplace makes for a comfortable atmosphere and the access to mesmerizing patisserie and the covered terrace right from the Lobby is a wonderful bonus. The castle has a uniqueness to it grace to the Louis-Seize style in which it was built, evoking the old French romanticism and the lavish lifestyle back in those times.


Château Amade double room

This magical hotel has only 30 rooms in total, 10 of them being suites, but they’re all so beautifully decorated that you will be speechless the minute you get inside your room or suite. Blending a few modern amenities with classic charm and elegance, all rooms are decorated with high quality hand-woven blankets, hand-painted wallpapers and numerous vintage accessories that create a soul pleasing unity between good taste, coziness and luxury.

Château Amade is divided into several buildings, out of which Mon Chateau is the main one, completed by Le Baron, Ma Champagne and Rendez-Vouz. We got to stay in Le Baron, a side wing named after the famed poet and womanizer who lived there and loved to indulge in the fine pleasures of a good life – baron László Amade.

Château Amade guest room

Waiting for guests are rooms designed in the French style of provincial mansions, each one designed individually with characteristic motifs, and equipped with beds with cupolas and canopies, popular in the late 18th century.

Eating & Drinking

Château Amade restaurant

The cuisine Chateau Amade offers is based on the local gastronomic traditions, with dishes prepared only with fresh local ingredients and products grown in the area and supplied by the local farmers, hunters and fishermen. They take pride in the fact that all fruits and vegetables are grown in their very own orchard in Vrakún and that they also have a farm where they breed mangalitsa, and their own bakery where they make fresh products and pastas.

Château Amade dining

For a truly exquisite regional cuisine, make sure you don’t miss Restaurant Pompadour. Gourmet meals masterfully cooked with only local fresh ingredients, their patisserie full of amazing delicacies and traditional sweet cakes and the fine Semiramis coffee or the Kusmi tea will delight your senses. While there, the specialty of the Rye Island – the Mangalitsa pork – is a must have.

Château Amade chinese salon

Their other restaurant, Kukkonia, offering great local dishes cooked from seasonal ingredients, is the perfect choice for celebrations and other various events, business or private, ensuring an undisturbed atmosphere. The the beef cheek and the fledermaus, the iconic meats of the island are without doubt the iconic dishes here.

Château Amade cigar room

A great combination of English club atmosphere and the past colonial world, the Cigar Room offers a cozy, comfortable and luxurious setting for a private conversation in the company of quality drinks and cigars. The cigars are definitely in the spotlights here, hand rolled, with names like Cohiba, Domenico, Montecristo, Partagas or Macanudo. For those looking for great cognacs, Louis XIII – the King of cognacs, makes for a unique drink for their gourmand guests.

Château Amade cigar room

In addition to that, there’s also the charming possibility of having an afternoon tea while nested in their comfy sofas. Coffee and tea specialties accompanied by tasty sandwiches, delicious pastries and crispy macarons. Oh, and let’s not forget about their Amade cake – with the finest French chocolate, Valhrona, as its main special ingredient. A glass of champagne by the side will make everything perfect.

Spa & Wellness

The Amade Château wouldn’t have been complete without a fascinating spa reminding guests at every step that they’re in the very ‘Golden Garden’, the largest fluvial island. The gold painted ceiling, sand colored walls and the golden ambient light never cease to remind that only a few decades ago, locals were panning for gold in the Danube sediments.

Château Amade pool

Across the entrance stands written the motto of the Amade family – Amore et Candore – with love and candour, reminding of the past atmosphere of the life loving family. The great hospitality and care of today’s chic Wellness & Spa are reminders of what the Amade family cherished so greatly.

The indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, infinity pool, hot tub and saunas will reinvigorate your body and revitalize your soul, and the outdoor pool bar will satisfy your thirst.

Château Amade hammam

Their fantastic Turkish Hamam bath is an experience you shouldn’t miss while there. Built by Turkish professionals, this hot steam bath will help you free your body from all the tension and your mind from the every day worries, leaving you completely relaxed and in love with the place.

Final Thoughts

Château Amade exterior

Château Amade is indeed a corner of heaven, peace and tranquility. With its manor houses built in the true style of Château de Versailles, with silk and damask fabric, wonderful furnishings and motifs, it seems like everything is calling you into a life full of lavishness and satisfaction. Nothing disappoints you while there, and the experience will remain in your mind for years to come.

They’ve got a plethora of choices for every guest, from Goldpanning on the shores of the Danube to treasure hunts and exquisite gastronomic experiences.

Where: Château Amade
Dvojrad 333, 930 25 Vrakúň, Slovakia
Phone: +421 31/590 38 00

Château Amade













  • Unforgettable Experience
  • Fairytale-like Design
  • World Class Staff
  • Amazing Food
  • Unique Amenities and Offers


  • Prabably the location, since it's far away from anything else, but that might be considered a plus by some people.
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