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Hanging Chair made of Volcanic Rock by Maffam Freeform

Everyone knows basalt as a volcanic rock that’s used for street paving, or in the construction business. The designers from a company named Maffam Freeform have had the brilliant idea to craft hanging chairs out of this material. They’ve named the project the Manu Nest.

Basalt is renewable at an extremely quick rate, thus being a limitless resource as well as a sustainable alternative for furniture manufacture. Don’t think the hanging chairs are made of brute stones – they’re based on basalt fibers combined with ecoresin, therefore conferring lightness and durability to these pieces, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use, regardless of weather.

The Manu Nests are an extremely good example of how to “hang out.” With friends or alone, they’ll surely offer you a great deal of relaxation and coziness. Apart from these, there’s also an air of elegance and style they seem to emit. Regardless of purpose, one of those would suite us well too.




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