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Gurkha Cigars Insures 9,000-Square-Foot Humidor Valued at Over $5 Million

By Brody Patterson


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Established over 125 years ago, Gurkha is one of the world’s most prestigious cigar brands. Among its many premium releases, the most notable is certainly His Majesty Reserve cigar – which, with a price of $20,000 for a box of 20, is the world’s most expensive cigar. Such a valuable stockpile demands special care and protection, which is why Gurkha has insured its $5 million 9,000-square-foot humidor, located in Broward County, Florida.

According to Louis D. Spagnuolo, CEO and risk management expert with VRA Insurance, the company underwriting the product, it’s unusual to ensure humidors – however there’s nothing usual about Gurkha’s humidor, neither in scale, nor in value. The same company representative also revealed some of the aspects which are considered when entering into such an agreement, like “the owner’s experience, the storage and handling and the extent of the collection”, as well as “the risk involved for possible harm to the product”.

The humidor itself is a hi-tech piece of equipment. Temperature-controlled at a constant 64 degrees with 74% humidity, its handling is delegated to only a small group of people. There are also a number of fail-safe systems, such as generators and humidifiers which maintain a suitable environment for the cigars until an issue like a power failure is dealt with.


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