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A Group of Norwegians Plans to Create World’s First Arctic Whiskey

By Brody Patterson


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A group of Norwegian whisky aficionados plans to launch the world’s first Arctic whiskey sometime later this year. The project is led by Roar Larsen, chief scientist at Trondheim Sintef Institute, who has already bought and old fish factory on the island of Myken, where he plans to build the distillery after obtaining the distillation permit.

The project consists of five members (including Larsen), who will operate the distillery around their day jobs until things start to take off. The whiskey itself will be made using desalinated sea water from Vestjforden.

As Larsen explains, the product will ripen under the midnight sun and the northern lights and will be world’s first Arctic whisky, something which will definitely it make it quite appealing to those who appreciate a fine drink, especially something with such a unique origin.

While Myken Whisky is still in the project phase, we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if Arctic whiskey actually becomes a thing and keep you posted.


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