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Fendi My Way Karlito Gets You In The Go Glam Punk Mood

By Victor Baker


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Fendi My Way Karlito

Fendi is a well-known brand everywhere around the world, for anything related to fashion – except timepieces – but that’s all going to change right now, with this super cool watch. Part of the company’s trendy fur accessories collection, which keeps ladies smiling and devoted to the brand in the same time, this watch will surely help you make a statement wherever you go.

Called the Fendi My Way Karlito, this new timepiece seems to blend the best things Fendi has to offer, creativity, extravagance and innovation, into one trendy product, featuring the first appearance of the fun Karlito character, a caricature of the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld, with his iconic dark sunglasses and white mane of hair.

Fendi My Way Karlito

The eye catching figure of Karlito is beautifully showcased through black, silver and white on a lacquered dial, while the 35 mm bezel of the watch shows off a circle of decorative studs, as well as three diamond indexes and the signature Fendi insignia.

The sophisticated timepiece can instantly become cheeky, once the Glamy fur collar makes its way onto the circumference of the watch. Made from arctic fox, the fur shows off a tuft of pink, white and black reminiscent of Lagerfeld’s uniform suits, adding a touch of color and rebellion to the overall look of Fendi’s new time-keeper.

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