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Enjoy the Weekend with this Custom Triumph Ghost

By Victor Baker


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Custom Triumph Ghost

Inspired by the mesmerizing Lotus C-01 Concept, the Triumph Ghost is a heart-stopping motorcycle, designed by an Australian workshop called Smoked Garage. Built upon a 2005 Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle, this custom Ghost has been equipped with a bespoke cooling system and a special frame geometry, while a full aluminum body handles first impressions in the most alluring way possible.

The original Triumph bike has been obviously stripped down before this futuristic marvel came together; the initial frame has been slightly modified, while a new airbox and radiator, not to mention the bespoke headlamp and custom fork sleeves, were added to make this motorcycle even more appealing.

Custom Triumph Ghost

According to the guys at Smoked Garage, the Triumph Ghost is also supposedly ultralight, since its bodywork comprises only five pieces of solid aluminum, joined together in what might look like a fine example of aeronautical engineering.

The bespoke motorcycle also features a custom tail with an integrated LED light, and a sporty, yet minimalist paint job that just seems perfect for this bike’s amazing curves. I, for one, would have gone mad on the engine and possibly fitted a 4-cylinder to make it as beastly as possible. I’m full of ideas today, but are they any good?

Custom Triumph Ghost

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