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Enjoy A Zen State Of Mind Inside This transparent Garden Igloo

By Victor Baker


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Garden Igloo

Inflatable domes may sounds a little ridiculous, and sometimes downright funny, but this particular one is completely different, a gorgeous minimalist inflatable dome that’s specifically designed for your own back yard.

Meant to be used throughout the entire year, this lovely seven feet garden igloo comes with a transparent canopy. And once you pay about $1,000 for it, you may use this igloo for a personal recluse, or even an intimate summer party – although, it’s transparent, so that’s debatable.

Garden Igloo

Obviously, things might get way too hot during the summer, at which point a canopy cover – priced at $388 – would be worth investing in. However, your imagination and creativity could easily transform this into one fun piece of garden accessory.

No one can deny that, under a moonlit sky, the garden igloo would be the perfect place to take a nap or simply meditate about the meaning of life, but feel free to find other uses for this dome. This multipurpose geodesic dome consists of a PVC frame, a winter garden cover, as well as an anchorage kit. The user’s guide seems pointless at this point, but you’ll get that too, nonetheless.

Garden Igloo


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