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Diamond studded Ring watches designed by Steven Grotell

By Adrian Prisca


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A professional in watchmaking knows there are plenty of spots to place a timekeeper, depending on the intention. Hidden ones may be placed on the inner wrist, chic watches are ideally attached to necklaces, while fingers could be an additional, elegant spot to wear a timepiece.

Steven Grotell proposes a collection of state of the art, conceptual timepieces, to be worn on fingers. Each piece of the collection sports a central, majestically faceted stone, crafted from an entire variety of substances and precious materials.

The Ring watch, set in 18-carat gold, includes a Rock crystal center stone with pave diamond lunette and dial with mother of pearl. The body sports full pave diamond, four briolette diamond cap stones on the ring shank and side roundels. A total of 347 diamonds, weighing 3.70 carats, garnish this exquisite piece.

The other jewels in the collection can either be crafted from 18 carat white gold or a specially-formulated recipe featuring 18 carat yellow gold. We do not have access to the exact pricings, as they will be disclosed on request, but we do know the Ring Watches range from $22,000 to $44,000.

The unique, superb pieces signed Steven Grotell are currently available by appointment worldwide, or exclusively at Fiona Druckenmiller’s FD Gallery on 21st East Street in Manhattan.


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