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Chill Your Drink in Style with the Executive Balls of Steel

People who enjoy a glass of whiskey every once in a while will tell you the best way to have you drink is a bit chilled. One way to do that is by adding ice, but unfortunately ice has annoying habit of melting at room temperature, diluting the liquor and thus spoiling it to a certain extent. To achieve the same effect only without watering-down your whiskey you can use whiskey stones – and if you want the very best, check out the Executive Balls of Steel.

Created by OriginalBOS, the set comprises two whiskey-chilling balls made from 18-carat gold which will not only do their job, but will also (make you) look cool as they do it. The balls feature a proprietary technology called the Arctic Core™, which is the chilling core actually doing all the work behind the gold. Adding another touch of luxury, the set comes in a beautiful, hand-made alder wood box.

The name “Balls of Steel” is a bit more appropriate than you might think. Most of the proceeds from the same of the product (80%, to be precise) go to funding testicular cancer research at the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University Of Texas. The release is limited to just 25 pairs, each priced at $499.


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